23 10 2012

Tuesday Trailer: IRON MAN 3

By Jonathan Fisher in Trailers

As if the insipid Iron Man 2, in addition to Tony Stark getting all the juicy lines in The Avengers weren’t enough, here comes Iron Man 3. The latest trailer is just a teaser that gives away little of the film’s plot, but it certainly hints at the movie’s feel — the star of this one looks to be a morose, mid-life crisis-suffering Tony Stark.

Ben Kingsley — in a fascinating casting choice — plays the villain in this sequel, and hopefully his character will be more imaginative than the creepy one-percenter portrayed by Sam Rockwell from Iron Man 2. I must say, after the disappointment of Iron Man 2, I’m less enthused about this one than I was for the first sequel. Having said that, Robert Downey Jr. remains one of the most watchable actors around, and the sense of fun so sorely lacking in the Iron Man sequel returned in The Avengers (and this movie also has the interesting dynamic of being a kind of parallel-sequel to that movie), so this one definitely goes on the must-see list.


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