31 01 2013

Bottom 5 of 2012

By Jonathan Fisher in Podcasts

  Tim Hoar and I sat down the other week and recorded two podcasts (first ones in three months!). The first was an outline of our least favourite movies of 2012, and the second was a discussion of our favourite movies of the last year. You can access the podcast on iTunes here. Or alternatively [...]

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02 10 2012

Podcast for October 2/Hiatus this week

By Jonathan Fisher in Podcasts

It’s school holidays, and I’m getting myself down to the coast. As such, I won’t be posting reviews or trailers until later this week. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s podcast in which Tim and I review LOOPER and THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, which has just been released on DVD and BluRay.

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19 09 2012

Podcast: Moonrise Kingdom and Head-On

By Jonathan Fisher in Podcasts

This week’s podcast is up. You can stream it on Soundcloud or subscribe to it on iTunes.

Tim and I preview Steven Spielberg’s LINCOLN, and review MOONRISE KINGDOM and the 2004 German-Turkish drama HEAD ON. We also preview LOOPER and ON THE ROAD, opening in the next two weeks.


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10 09 2012

Total Recall, Love

By Jonathan Fisher in Podcasts

This week’s podcast, in which Tim Hoar (from Not Now, I’m Drinking a Beer and Watching a Movie) and I review TOTAL RECALL and LOVE. Also on the agenda today, we discuss Clint Eastwood’s bizarre talk at the Republican National Convention, and lament the passing of Michael Clarke Duncan. Don’t forget — there’s a competition [...]

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27 08 2012

Podcast — BERNIE, TOTAL RECALL [1990]

By Jonathan Fisher in Podcasts,Reviews

  I’m going to start posting these regularly on the web site, but they are also available on iTunes. Click ‘subscribe’ and you’ll get the next episode of The Film Brief in your sleep. This week, Tim Hoar and I review the terrific Richard Linklater tragicomedy BERNIE, and we review the original TOTAL RECALL in [...]

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25 03 2012

Podcast: A Separation, KONY 2012 + Three Short Films

By Jonathan Fisher in Podcasts

Welcome to the new-look Film Brief. Here is this week’s podcast, in which Tim Hoar and I review the Iranian masterpiece “A Separation”, discuss the phenomenon of KONY 2012, and review three short films proffered to us by listeners. Links to the movies reviewed below. You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here.

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25 11 2011

Podcast: Arbie/The Film Brief on iTunes!

By Jonathan Fisher in Podcasts

    This week’s podcast, in which Jonathan and Tim discuss “Matilda: The Musical” (words and music by Aussie Tim Minchin), “Contagion”, “Melancholia”, “Cars 2″, Julie Taymor’s “The Tempest”, and we meet Tim’s pet rabbit Arbie.   Listen: [mp3t track="http://thefilmbrief.podbean.com/mf/web/3kq7ez/24-11-2011Arbie.mp3"]   Subscribe to The Film Brief on iTunes here, and you’ll get the next episode [...]

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26 06 2011

>Podcast: Super 8 rocks, Transformers 3 Pre-Emptively Sucks

By Jonathan Fisher in Podcasts,Rambling Rhetoric

> Luke Elliott and I see Cars 2 together, embrace the nostalgia of Super 8, mock Transformers: Dark of the Moon before admitting that we’re both going to see it, wonder why the fourth Pirates movie needed to be 140 minutes hours long, and big up the sistas behind Bridesmaids. Stream the episode below or download it [...]

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